Who Did Patrick’s Homework Summary

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 1

This is the story of a boy named Patrick. He is a boy of your age just like you. But he did not like the homework.

Who Did Patrick's Homework Summary
Patrick and the elf.

One day he saw his cat playing with a doll. Amused Patrick picks the doll. To his surprise, he found out that the doll is an elf.

The elf said he would grant a wish if Patrick saves him from the cat.

Patrick was happy as he got what he wanted. Patrick told the elf that he would have to write my homework for the whole semester.


The elf agreed. But the elf did not know any subject. For any English word, he started asking Patrick to speak the word letter by letter; for maths, he started asking for help every time.

Patrick annoyed with the elf.

Patrick was annoyed but was happy that he was not doing homework.

Throughout the whole semester, Patrick was busy guiding the elf. In the last when the semester ended, he got A’s in his homework.

His friends were surprised, and the teacher praised him for work.

Peter went home, cleaned the room, started living happily, and cheerfully. This time he was solving the homework by own. He still thinks that the Elf did the homework!


***Who Did Patrick’s Homework Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 1***

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Reference: NCERT Class 6 Honeysuckle

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Brief Summary NCERT Class 6 English

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