A Different Kind of School Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 5

A Different Kind of School Summary notes Honeysuckle Chapter 5

In this chapter, the author visits a special school named Miss Beam’s School and shares his experience.

A Different Kind of School SummaryAuthor Arrives at school

When the author is on the school campus, he sees a girl with a bandage on eyes and a small boy assisting her. He feels pity for that girl.

Author Talks to Miss Beam

Miss Beam receives the author and tells him that this school not only teaches addition, subtraction but also Thoughtfulness. She takes the author to the window and asks the author, What you see?

Author feels pity

The author says I see a lot of jolly children playing in the ground, But he feels pity as these children are not so healthy – “One girl I met in the campus is blind, and now I see two more with the same disability, one girl is with crutches watching other playing”.

Miss Beam Laughs

Miss Beam says no they are not lame, they are just doing their scheduled roles. We teach them how difficult it is if someone has a misfortune! By this, they learn to take care of the disabled person. Each term every child has one blind day, one deaf day, one dumb day, and one injured day.

If someone is blind other children help him if someone is with crutches other children assist him in walking and so on.

Miss Beam takes the author to a bandaged girl and says to the girl “Here is a gentleman come to talk to you”.

Bandaged girl and the author

The author asks the girl “don’t you peep”. The girl says Oh no! that will be cheating. She starts telling how awful it feels to be blind and how much she fears of a mishap from nearby objects. She asks the author to go for a walk.

Walk of the author with the girl

The author narrates what he sees. He tells the girl that Miss Beam comes with a tall girl. The bandaged girl asks about the color of her cloth. She concludes that she is Millie the Head Girl.

The author says there is an old man tying the roses. The girl replies she must be the gardener.

The author tells a girl with curly red hair is coming toward us with crutches. The girl replies. She is Anita.

This way they talked on while walking. The author was more than thoughtful ever.

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A Different Kind of School Summary notes

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