Taros Reward Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 3

Taros Reward Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 3 


Taro’s reward is a popular fairy tale in Japan. It involves the story of a son Taro who wanted to fulfil the wishes of his father.

Taro was a poor boy. He earned money by chopping woods from the jungle. But the money he earned was not sufficient for him and his parents.

taros reward summary honeysuckle class 6One day it started blowing cold winds. All people in the home felt cold due to wind passing from the cracks of the wooden house. His father wished if he could have some “sake” to energise his heart. (Sake is a popular and costly drink of Japan.)

The appearance of the magical waterfall

Taro was sad as he did not have money to buy the expensive sake.

He decided to work hard. The next day he woke up early and went to the forest to chop woods.

Suddenly he heard the sound of falling water. It perplexed him as there was no river here earlier.

Since he was also thirsty, he followed the sound of water. Soon he found a waterfall behind the rock. He went near to the fall and puts his hand in the water. To his amaze, he discovered that water was not water but sake. He became happy and filled some sake in his pitcher.

Upon reaching the house, he gave this sake to his father. The father sipped the sake and started dancing with joy.

The spread of news to the villager

A neighbor came in the evening. Father offered her a cup of sake. The woman happily took the sake. Father told her about all the incident which happened to Taro.

Now this woman spread the news to all the people in the village. Every villager rushed to Taro’s home and tasted the sake.

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Water for the villager, sake for Taro

The next morning Taro again woke up early, searched the biggest pitcher, and went to the waterfall.

To his surprise, he found that other villagers were also going to the fall.

Soon people reached the fall and tasted the sake. But they found that water of the fall was not sake but plain water. People became angry and decided to draw Taro in the fall.

Taro hid behind the rock and waited till all the villagers went home. He now tasted the water again. But to his surprise, He still felt that it was sake.

The fall was giving taro a sake while to villager it was giving plain water.

Award by the King

The story of Taro’s care for his parents reached the king. He awarded Taro twenty pieces of gold to encourage other children to take care of their parents.

Moral of the Story:

We should take care of our parents and elder. God helps only those person who takes good care of their parents.

Hindi Version: इस कहानी को हिंदी में पढ़े: Taro’s Reward summary and moral in Hindi.

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Taros Reward Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 3 

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