Honeysuckle Chapter 8 A game of Chance Summary

Honeysuckle Chapter 8 A game of Chance Summary

A game of Chance is a story of a boy named Rasheed and who describes what happened to him in the Eid fair. Every year there is a big fair in the village which runs for days. Rasheed decided to visit the fair. His uncle agreed and took him to the fare with his worker. Rasheed calls the worker as bhaiaa.

During the visit to the fare, his uncle had some friends and uncle went away. Now Rasheed was alone with the bhaiaa.

Rasheed in the fare

Now Rasheed started visiting the shops of the fare. There were shops for every item a pen, pencil to a buffalo. He saw a lucky shop there. The lucky shop was like a gambling game. The tradesman was giving his visitors an option to pick six discs at 50 paise. There were articles like a watch, pen, pencil, combs, etc. These articles contained some numbers. If the sum of the disc matched with the article number, the shopkeeper was giving the visitor that article.

Rasheed saw that an old man came and got a wall clock worth 15 rupees. After that, a boy came and also won a hefty sum of money by selling the won wristwatch, a fountain pen, and a table clock.

Honeysuckle Chapter 8 A game of Chance SummaryRasheed with the lucky shop

Rasheed was puzzled and decided to play the game. Instead of winning precious things, Rasheed won two pencils and an ink bottle. The shopkeeper bought these items for 25 paise each and let the Rasheed play again. Rasheed kept on trying and spent all the money. Now with no money, Rasheed felt disappointed and went back to the fare. He thought that all this depends on luck and he does not have that one.

Soon his uncle arrived back and saw faded Rasheed. Bhaiaa told every incident. Uncle bought many things, fruits, chocolates for Rasheed. Now Rasheed was happy.

All of them returned to the home. In the house, the uncle asked Rasheed ” do you know that shopkeeper tricked you?”. Rasheed replied It was not in my luck to get those articles. Uncle replied “no Rasheed; It was not about the luck. That old man and the boy were friends of the shopkeeper. They lure the customer to play and loose.

Moral of the story

In this story, we see that old man and the boy lured Rasheed into the gambling game. This story teaches us that we should think rationally. If a person is giving an article at a lower price, there may be some trick or reason behind it.

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