How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary & Solution

How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary and Question Answer Solution; Honeysuckle Class 6 Chapter 2

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How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Summary

This is a humorous story about how a dog becomes a friend of the man.

This story begins with the past. In the past, all animal was living independently and had no masters.

A new dog took birth. The new dog was not happy with the day to day struggle for food and danger of powerful creature. So, he decided to find a master who is the strongest on the earth. He started searching for such a creature.

How the Dog Found Himself a New Master SummaryIn the forest, he met a wolf. Wolf is a fearsome creature. The dog thought he is the strongest and made his own master.

But one day he saw the wolf running with fear. Dog asked what happened. Wolf said, “there is a bear nearby, hide in the forest, else he will kill us both.”

The dog thought the bear is the strongestand he should offer his service to him and left the wolf.

Bear accepted his service and together started hunting for animals. While hunting for a cow, suddenly beer begun hiding in the forest. Dog asked why you are hiding. Beer said the lion is the king and the strongest animal of the forest.

The dog also left the bear and joined the king. Many days passed, and the dog was happy being with the lion. 

But one day, the lion roared fast, punched his feet on the earth and started moving away. Dog asked what happened, master. The lion said “there a man coming in our way. Let us go back else we will be in trouble.”

The dog understood the lion is not the strongest. He went to the man and offered his service. Since then, dogs are the most loyal servants of a human.


How the Dog Found Himself a New Master Question Answer Solution; Honeysuckle Class 6 Chapter 2.

A. Working with the text

1. Why did the dog feel the need for a master?

There was a time dogs were their own master. They used to hunt for the food by themselves but were fearful of the strong animals. The dog mentioned here was different from other dogs. He was annoyed by the daily struggle for food and safety from other animals. He thought that if there will be a master, the master will help him in preying and protect as well.

2. Who did he first choose as his master? Why did he leave that master?

Once the dog decided to have a master, it walked the wood (synonym of the forest). In the forest, he met the wolf. Wolf is a fearsome creature; the dog thought the wolf is the strongest animal on the earth. So, he decided to offer his service to the wolf. A few days later the wolf and the dog were walking, and a bear came around him. The wolf was frightened by the bear. Now the dog knew the bear is more powerful than the wolf, so it decided to leave the wolf and join the bear instead.

3. Who did he choose next?

The dog chose a bear as his second master.

4. Why did he serve the Lion for a long time?

A lion is one of the strongest animals in the forest. In the forest, no one dares to fight with a lion. When the dog gave the service to the lion, both of them hunted animals, and the dog did not find a better contender until he met the man. So, the dog served the lion for a long time.

5. Who did he finally choose as his master and why?

With the lion, the dog spent many days. The dog was happier than before and started feeling that he has met the strongest animal of the forest. His belief went wrong when he saw the lion in fear and worrisome in front of the en. After this incident, he knew a man is the strongest creature on the earth. Since then, he changed his service to humans.

B. Fill in the blanks

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Reference: NCERT English textbook for class 6 Honeysuckle.

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