Desert Animals Solution Honeysuckle Chapter 9

Desert Animals Solution Honeysuckle Chapter 9



  1. True or false

(i) No animal can survive without water.
(ii) Deserts are endless sand dunes.
(iii) Most snakes are harmless.
(iv) Snakes cannot hear, but they can feel vibrations through the ground.
(v) Camels store water in their humps.

Answer: (i). True, (ii). False, (iii). True, (iv). True, (v). False.

Explanation: (I) Water is essential for every organism. Some survive for longer duration because they some special mechanisms to absorb water. For example, Darkling beetle absorbs moisture from feet; camel can during 30 gallons of water in one time.

(ii) Desert also has mountains, shrubs, and flowers that bloom in spring.

(iii) True, because only a few among all snakes contain deadly poison that can kill or harm humans.

(iv) Snake does not have ears. They catch the vibrations of the ground.

(v) Hump stores fat. Camel uses this fat as food during the scarcity of food. Water is stored in the body.

2. Answer the following questions.

(i) How do desert animals survive without water? (1)
(ii) How do mongooses kill snakes? (6)
(iii) How does the hump of the camels help them to survive when there is no water? (9)

Answer: (I). Some animals have special adaptations. During the afternoon, gerbils stay under the soil, darling beetles absorb moisture from feet while camel can store 30 gallons of water.

(ii). Mongoose attack snakes in groups. They keep on teasing snake until the snake is tired. Once the snake is tired, mongoose kills them in swift.

(iii). Hump stores fat. Camel uses this fat when there is no food. Fat on digestion yields water and energy.


  1. Fill in the blanks

Desert Animals Solution Honeysuckle Chapter 9Answer: Sentence: 1.survive, harsh conditions. 2. harmless threatened. 3. intruder, 4. continually 5. Predators, prey.


Answer: 1. Tallest, 2. fastest, 3. Hottest, coolest, 4. Largest, 5. Tallest, 6. Rainiest, 7. Oldest.

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***Desert Animals Solution Honeysuckle Chapter 9***

Ref: NCERT book chapter 9.

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