Honeysuckle Chapter 7 Fair Play Summary note

Fair Play Summary in English Honeysuckle Chapter 7

This story is of two close friends Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhary and how justice is beyond friendship and enmity.

Part 1
Jumman and Aunt

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Jumman had an old aunt. She came to Jumman and told “she is helpless, can you let me stay in your home. I will transfer my property to you for this kind act”. Jumman agreed that she would stay in his home and he will take care of her.

Aunt Discontent

After years, Jumman and his family became tired of the aunt. The quarrel started happening between his aunt and wife. His wife was annoyed with her and was not even giving enough food to the aunt.

Aunt patiently waited for months, but there was no change. So she decided to talk to Jumman. She asked Jumman that if you can not give me food to eat let me have some monthly allowance so that she can have her kitchen and make my food. Jumman became angry and said I could not give any allowance to you.

Aunt and villager

The aunt discussed the issue with nearby villagers. Some laughed, some gave condolence, but no one bothered to help her.

Aunt decided to take the matter to the panch. A panch is a group of five people who listen to the issue and give the decision.

Aunt and Algu

Aunt seeking for help went to Algu and told the issue. Algu said, “I understand the problem but Jumman is my friend, and I can not go against him”. Aunt asked her to listen to his conscience and went back.

Part 2

A panchayat was brought under the banyan tree. Villagers asked the aunt to nominate a panch. Aunt named Algu. Jumman was happy that Algu is his friend. So he agreed.

Now Algu was the head punch. He got the responsibility of justice. So given the decision in favour of the aunt. He said aunt should be given her property back.

Enmity of Jumman and Algu

Since that day Jumman became an enemy of Algu.

Part 3
Algu’s Ill Fate

Years passed, and Algu got a tight situation. His one bullock died. So he sold another bullock to Smjhu Sahu, a bullock driver of the village on the term that he will pay the price of the bullock in one month.

Algu and Samjhu

Unfortunately, the bullock died within the month. Now Algu went to Samjhu to take the money of the Bullock. Samjhu got angry and replied, “your bullock died within a month. I have nothing for you.”


Algu brought Samjhu to the panchayat. The villager asked Samjhu to choose the Head punch. Samjhu nominated Jumman as he knew the enmity between the Jumman and Algu. Algu got worried.

Jumman’s Decision

Once Jumman become the punch, he got the dignity and justice of punch in his mind. He gave the decision in favour of Algu. He said “Algu gave the bullock to Samjhu in good condition, free from disease. If the bullock is dead, the responsibility lies with Samjhu, not Algu”.

Algu got happy and said Panch no friendship or enmity. It knows only justice.

Algu and Jumman united

Now Jumman understood the earlier decision of Algu. He understood that justice sees no friend or enmity. It sees only the truth.

He went to Algu and embraced him. All the misunderstanding was gone now.


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Fair Play Summary in English Honeysuckle Chapter 7


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