Desert Animals Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 9

Desert Animals Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 9

This chapter focuses on some of the particular animals whole easily survive in harsh conditions of deserts.

One is the gerbils (desert rat). It mak deep furrows and stays inside when the surface is very hot. Another is a Darkling beetle. Its feet absorb moisture from the surrounding. Darkling beetle lifts these feet and water drops trickle to their mouth. Other famous examples include rattlesnake, camel, and mongoose.

Desert Animals hindi Summary HoneysuckleRattlesnake

Rattlesnakes live in the dry and rocky desert of America. It is deadly; when disturbed it s talk making rattling sound and warn intruders.


Mongoose lives in groups and survives on small animals. They are the only animals that kill deadly snakes. They first tease snakes. Once the snake is tired they kill them.


Camels have a large capacity to store water in the body. It drinks 30 gallons of water during one time and can survive without water for months. Its hump stores fat. fat gave camel energy during the scarcity of food.



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Desert Animals Hindi Summary

***Desert Animals Summary Honeysuckle Chapter 9***

Ref: NCERT book chapter 9.

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