Class 6 Honeysuckle Chapter 4 Question Answers

Honeysuckle Chapter 4 An Indian – American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla question Solution

A. Answer the following questions.
1. Where was Kalpana Chawla born? Why is she called an Indian – American? (3)

Answer: Kalpana was born in Karnal, a District in Punjab state.

By birth, she was an Indian. She married an American Person John-Pierre Harrison. Through this, she became an American. So we call her an Indian – American.

2. When and why did she go to the U.S.? Who did she marry? (2, 3)

Answer: She went to the U.S. to pursue a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

She married a flight instructor named John-Pierre Harrison.

3. How did she become an astronaut? What gave her the idea that she could be an astronaut? (3)

Answer: She started studying for aerospace engineering after schooling. She took a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering and also did masters in the same field.

After studies, she became a research scientist at NASA. NASA is a space agency which sends scientist in space for reasearch. She was selected for the space mission in 1993 and became the first Indian born astronaut to travel in space.

4. What abilities must an astronaut have, according to the journalist? (6)

Answer: An astronaut needs to know a lot of things; from Biology to astrophysics to aeronautical engineering.

5. Describe Kalpana Chawla’s first mission in space. (5)

Answer: See summary.

6. What does Kalpana Chawla say about pursuing a dream? Do you agree with her that success is possible? (7)

Answer: During a talk to the student of her college in space, Kalpana told people that the path from dream to success always exist. You need to find that path and have the courage to work on it.

Yes, I do agree with her as only dreaming does not give a result. We need to work on the dream to make it happen.

Honeysuckle Chapter 5 An Indian American Woman in Space Kalpana Chawla question SolutionAnswer:

  1. Kennedy research centre, Florida 16 January 2003.
  2.  Seven.
  3. 16 days.
  4. 80.
  5. 1st February 2003.
  6. 20,000 feet.

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