Who Did Patrick’s Homework Honeysuckle Question Answer Solution

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Honeysuckle Solution: Question Answer

“Who did Patrick’s Homework” is an interesting humorous story that teaches us to study well. Find below the solved questions from this chapter:


Who Did Patrick’s Homework Honeysuckle Solution

Working With The Text
1. What did Patrick think his cat was playing with? What was it really?

Patrick thought that the cat is playing with a little doll. Curious Patrick snatched the doll from the cat. When he took the doll from the cat, he found that it was a man with minimal height. He was, in reality, an elf. An elf is a human-like mythical small being with magical powers.

2. Why did the little man grant Patrick a wish?

The cat was playing with the elf. The cat would have killed the little man if Patrick had not come. To make Patrick save himself, the little man offered Patrick a wish.

3. What was Patrick’s wish?

Patrick never wanted to do his homework. When the elf granted a wish, Patrick asked the elf to do all his homework till the semester end.

4. In what subjects did the little man need help, to do Patrick’s homework?

The little man did not know about how to do the homework; for English, he needed an explanation of every word. In Math, he needed times table and explanation of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. He did not know anything about History. In whole, The little man knew nothing about the subjects and asked Patrick for help.

5. How did Patrick help him?

Patrick explained the meaning of every word. He brought books from the library and gave it to the little man. He guided the little man while the little man was solving the homework.

6. Who do you think did Patrick’s homework— the little man, or Patrick himself? Give reasons for your answer.

The purpose of doing homework is to gain knowledge. It was Patrick who was gaining experience by guiding the little man in doing homework.

Who Did Patrick’s Homework Honeysuckle Solution: Working With The Language

Fill in the blanks.

Out of luck; mystery; true to his word; chores;
semester; between you and me; look up

1. Some people find household ————————————— a bore, but I like to help at home.


2. Who stole the diamond is still a —————————————.


3. This ————————————— we are going to have a class exhibition.


4. —————————————, the elf began to help Patrick.

True to his word.

5. Can you ————————————— this word in the dictionary?

Look up.
6. I started early to be on time, but I was ———————————. There was a traffic jam!

Out of luck.
7. She says she’s got a lot of books, but ———————————— I think most of them are borrowed.

Between you and me.

Puzzle Solving

1. Very tired: Weary.
2. Had an angry look on the face: Scowled.
3. Short trousers: Breeches.
4. A fault in a machine that prevents it from working properly: Glitch.
5. A small and naughty boy-fairy Down Elf.

6. Work that must be done every day, often boring:  Chores.

7. A basket with a lid: Hamper.
8. Have a short, high-pitched cry: Shrieked.





We get homework from our teachers at school. To do the homework I go home and read books. The books have an answer in it. When I find some question difficult, my father helps me.



A. Rhymes inside the chapter

B. The difference in speaking and writing

In speaking, we omit some word while in the book, we need to write the full sentence. For example, in the copy we write “the homework is too boring” but when we are writing the homework and speaking “too boring” can explain the whole thing. In articulating a visible part also work, for example, we point out to a cloth and say “Dirty”.

C. Rewrite the sentence to make it meaningful: 

1. more and more books
2. too difficult
3. got up late, missed the bus
4. solved the mystery

The elf wanted more and more books.

Patrick find his homework too difficult

Raju got up late, so he missed the school bus.

Presence of fingerprint at the crime scene solved the mystery.

D. Look at the cartoon below:

What is it about

Students need to read a lot of academic textbooks. Often students get tired and annoyed from these books. The cartoon expresses such concerns in a humorous way.

Do you find it funny? If so, why?

The boy in the cartoon is annoyed by reading, he looks confused and funny.

Do you think a cartoon is a serious drawing?

Cartoons are a way to express serious issues in a humorous way. Here we see a child bored by textbook. This looks fun but we all know that every student feels overwhelmed by these bulky textbooks.

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Reference: NCERT Class 6 Honeysuckle


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