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The Desert Class 7 English Solution, Chapter 3 An Alien Hand

The Desert is an informational article on the characteristics of the desert, its plants, and animals. Below is the solution for chapter 2 The desert:

Comprehension Check 1

Comprehension Check 2

Exercise Questions.

Comprehension Check 1

1. (i) Mention two phrases which describe desert as per most people.

Answer: Most people who live in common areas think that a desert is a place where there is an endless stretch of the sand, with no rains and vegetation. As per them, a desert is a dry, hot, waterless and without shelter.

(ii) Mention two phrases for the desert as per the specialist.


Contrary to most people, a specialist who has seen the desert see the desert differently. As per them, a desert is the home of a variety of animals and plants which have learnt to live under hot and dry conditions.

Which among these is more appropriate?

Answer: Phrases as per the specialist are more appropriate.  A naive person who has never gone to desert rely merely on other sources and make an assumption. Specialists observe the desert scientifically. Their findings are based on real experience with scientific explanation. So, the statement of a specialist weighs more than most people.

2. Match the column with the right meaning

The Desert Class 7 English SolutionThe Desert Class 7 English Solution:

Comprehension Check 2

1. How Camels survives in the desert with no water?

Answer: Camel has adapted for water scarcity in the desert. Camels drink a lot of water and store it in the body. When there is no water, they use the store water to meet the water requirements of the body.

Human and other animals cannot tolerate high heat and sweat to balance it. Camels tolerate high temperature and do not require sweating.

2. How smaller desert animals fulfill their need for water?

Smaller animals make burrows deep in the sand. During the day time, they hide from the scorching sun in these burrows. These burrows save their water in the body.

Animals eat other animals and plants found in nearby. Animals part and plant part contains moisture in them.

Some plants have developed unique adaptations. For example, cactus stores water in its thick fleshy stem. Their roots are superficial and absorb rainwater quickly.

3. Why temperature in the desert rise quickly and fall quickly?

Humid climates act as a blanket. They protect the surface from the Sun and also prevent escaping of radiation from the earth. In the desert, the climate is arid. It does not prevent rays from reaching the earth surface. As a result, the temperature rises quickly. During the night radiation from the desert emit fastly, and since there is no blanket, these radiations go into the atmosphere quickly.

Exercise Solution The Desert claas 7 English

1. Description of a desert.

Answer: A desert is an area with low or scanty rainfall. During the daytime temperature rises quickly. Very few peoples live here. Animals who live in the desert come to hunt during the night only. We see only a few plants in these areas like kikar, khair, babool, cactus. These plants require lesser water, and hence are able to live in scarce water. Some parts of dessert have green area too. We call these places as an Oasis. In the oasis, water from a well or a spring keeps the vegetation green. Camels are the ships of the desert. They store water in the body and also sweat less. They can walk over the desert for days without water.

2. The lifestyle of people in the desert.

Peoples in the desert face extreme temperature in day and low temperature in night. These people wear light colour cotton cloths which do not absorb much heat. They do most of their outdoor work in the early morning and late evening. In the afternoon there is a silence in the streets and hardly few people walk in such dreaded time. Most of the amusement functions like show, dance, cultural program happen in the evening to avoid scorching sunlight.

People in the desert are too water savvy because they know water is scarce there. Their food is dry which requires lesser water. They keep large and numerous earthen pot to store excess water.

Very few vegetables and fruit grow in such areas. So, people procure them from adjacent districts. This result in a higher price of these commodities. Some vegetables, fruits and grains that grow in the desert are dates, watermelon, sorghum, corn, and millet.

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