Golu grows a Nose Solution

Golu grows a Nose Solution, NCERT class 7 English chapter 5 An Alien Hand


  • 1. Golu Grows a Nose Exercise Answers

Golu grows a Nose Solution

1. To whom Golu asked why don’t you fly?

Answer: Ostrich

2. Which uncle of Golu had red eyes?

Answer: Hippopotamus

3. Golu’s relatives were unable to answer his questions because

(i) they were shy.
(ii) the questions were too difficult.
(iii) Golu was a naughty baby

Answer: (ii) Those questions were difficult for simple animals.

4. Who advised Golu to go to the Limpopo river? 5. Why Golu went to the river.

Answer: Golu was in search of an answer for  “What does the crocodile have in dinner?”. A bird name Mynah suggested him to visit great grassy Limpopo river to get the answer. So Golu went to the Limpopo river.

6. The crocodile lay on the bank of the Limpopo river. Golu thought it was
(i) a living crocodile.
(ii) a dead crocodile.
(iii) a log of wood.

Answer: (iii)

7. What did the crocodile do to show that it was a real crocodile?

Crocodile shed “crocodile tears” to convince Golu.

8. “Come here, little one, and I’ll whisper the answer to you.” The crocodile said this because
(i) he couldn’t stand up.
(ii) he wanted to eat Golu.
(iii) Golu was deaf.

Answer: (ii) Crocodiles are slow moving animals. If Golu had not come closer to the crocodile, it was impossible for the crocodile to catch Golu.
9. Who helped Golu on the bank of the river?

A python

10. Name two things the elephant can do with his trunk, and two he cannot.


Things a trunk can do

  • plucking distant twigs of a tree.
  • Bringing food to the mouth.
  • Removing dust and debris by beating.
  • Sniffing water and shower.

Things a trunk cannot do

  • jumping
  • eating
  • swimming


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