Bringing up Kari Solution Question Answer Class 7 English

NCERT Solutions for class 7 English

Bringing up Kari Question Answer Solution Class 7 English


Bringing up Kari is a story about a baby elephant Kari and his master. This story talks about the life of an elephant, his training. Find the solution to the question given below.

Bringing up Kari solution: Exercise Questions

1. Kari’ thatched roof had three thick tree stumps why?

Elephants are a bulky, big and powerful creature. Their walking through a thatched roof can break the roof. Tree stumps are strong pillars; they can withstand the touch of an elephant. So, Kari’s roof was made on tree stumps.

2. Did Kari enjoy his morning bath in the river? Give a reason for your answer.

The writer used to take Kari for a bath every morning. There he used to rub Kari’s back with river sands. At that time Kari used to squeal with pleasure and sat in the river for hours. So, we can say that Kari used to enjoy the bath a lot.

3. Finding good twigs for Kari took a long time. Why?

Elephants like the delicate and tender twigs. These delicate and tender twigs live at the higher heights of a tree. The master had to climb the trees to get these twigs. Apart from this, Kari also used to like young branches of the banyan tree. Banayan is a massive tree with numerous roos roots and branches. So, Climbing on a tree and plucking the twigs was a difficult task and always took a long time.

4. Why did Kari push his friend into the stream?

A child was drowning in the river. Kari tried to save the boy by himself. But Kari did not know how to swim, so it was difficult for him to save the boy. So, to say the boy he called his friend/master. When his friend came, he pushed him to the river to save the boy.

5. Kari was like a baby. What are the main points of comparison?

Elephants grow faster. Within two to three years, they become very big. But bulkiness does not always point to adulthood. Kari used to behave like a kid; he was naughty. Once, someone gave him bananas. From that day, he became fond of bananas and started stealing them from the house of the author and did not stop until caught.

Kari’s voice was also like a baby. When the boy was drowning the squealing of Kari was of a baby elephant.


6. Kari helped himself to all the bananas in the house without anyone noticing it. How did he do it?

Kari had a long trunk. The fruit was kept on the table near the wind. Kari used to swirl his long trunk carefully from the window and took the banana. Once he stole the banana, he used to go to his pavilion and eat banana there. So, it was hard to notice.

7. Kari learnt the commands to sit and to walk. What were the instructions for each command?

Elephants are slow learners. Kari learned to walk if someone tells them “Mali” and pulls his trunk. Kari learned this in three lessons.

It took three weeks to the author to Instruct Kari when to sit. Whenever the author said “Dhat” and pulled his ear, Kari sat.

8. What is “the master call”? Why is it the most important signal for an elephant to learn?

A Master call is a distress signal to the elephant if his master is in trouble. In such cases, the master makes a strange hissing and howling sound. Elephants listen to it through miles and run to the master uprooting everything which comes in its way.

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