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An alien Hand

The Cop and the Anthem Solution

1. What are some of the signs of approaching winter referred to in the text?

Answer: As per the book, when winter approaches; birds start to fly south; leaves of the tree shades.

2. True or false.

(i) Soapy did not want to go to prison: False.

(ii) Soapy had been to prison several times: True.

(iii) It was not possible for Soapy to survive in the city through the winter: True.

(iv) Soapy hated to answer questions of a personal nature: True.

3. What was Soapy’s first plan? Why did it not work?

Soapy decided to go to a big restaurant in great streets. Soapy was of the thought that he would enter the restaurant, eat something and restaurant staffs will bring him to cops for non-payment of food bills.

Things did not go as expected! The waiter of the big restaurant saw the broken boots and torn pent of Soapy and threw him out of the restaurant as soon as he entered the restaurant.

4. “But the cop’s mind would not consider Soapy.” What did the cop not consider, and why?

Soapy broke the window glass of a shop and stood there in anticipation that the cop will suspect him and arrest him. But the police thought that the culprit would not stand still to get caught. The thinking of the police is evident as perpetrator do not sand stand to get caught; instead, they run fast so that no one will see him doing wrong works.

The cop saw a running man. It intrigued the cop to run behind the running man instead of looking for Soapy.

5. “We have orders to let them shout.” What is the policeman referring to?

There was a celebration going on by students of Hartford College. Cops were instructed to leave them. When Soapy shouted like a drunkard, the cop thought Soapy as a college student and turned his back.

6. True or false.
(i) Soapy stole a man’s umbrella: True.

(ii) The owner of the umbrella offered to give it to Soapy: True.

(iii) The man had stolen the umbrella that was now Soapy’s: False.

( The umbrella men found the umbrella in a restaurant)

(iv) Soapy threw away the umbrella: True.

7. “There was a sudden and wonderful change in his soul.” What brought about the change in Soapy?

After so many failed attempts, Soapy was returning to the park. In the midway, He saw his childhood home. The sight of his old home and the music made him remember of the early days when he was full of hopes, friends, and family. The old memory provoked his soul, and Soapy decided to change himself.

The cop and the anthem Solution: Discussion

1. Soapy’s life if a cop had not arrested.

Answer: There are many verses available from the clues given in the story. For example, Soapy was into prison many times. This past trend indicates that Soapy used to visit the jail often and had become habitual. Since his luck did not work today, he would have attempted a few more days until he finally got arrested.

In the last sight of his childhood home and the music coming from it had changed the Soapy’s soul. From this, we can assume that if the cop had not caught him, Soapy was trying to get a job very next day and was going to live a life with dignity.

2. Retell the story which shows irony


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