A Tale of Two Birds Summary, Moral and Objective

A Tale of Two Birds Summary, Moral and Objective

A tale of two birds is a famous folk tale from ancient India. This story revolves around two birds who took birth from the same mother but grew in the company of different peoples.

Tale of Two Birds Summary, Moral and Objective
The storm carries the two bird away

The story starts with a big storm. The big storm caused the death of the mother bird and the separation of two young birds. One young bird got the shelter in a cave where robber lived; while another bird got the company of a saint in an ashram.

First bird:

Once a king went to the jungle for the hunt. While hunting for a deer, he went far into the forest. He took shelters under a tree near the cave. This tree was also the shelter of the first bird. This Bird in the company of robber had become like the robber and talked like them too. He alarmed the robber that someone has come here, take his jewels and the horse and kill him. King heard the bird and runway from the cave.

Second bird:

During the course of running, the king arrived an ashram which accompanies the second bird. The second bird said to the king “take rest and be comfortable. The rishi will arrive here soon”. The king narrated the bird about the previous incident. The bird gasped and answered “the first bird is my brother. He got the company of robbers and has become like them. I have asked him for change, but he does not listen to me”.

The king thought that both birds were alike in appearance but their nature was completely opposite to the other.

Rishi’s teaching

Soon the rishi arrived, he welcomed the king. The king told the story of the two birds. The Rishi gave him the moral of the story that “A person is recognized by the people who are friends to them. The first bird got the accompany of the robber and became like that; while the second bird lived in the company of saints. So he became like the saint”. The king took the blessing from the Rishi and returned back to his home.

The moral of the story/Teaching: 

We should make friends with the people who are of good nature. If we take the company of bad people we will also become bad.

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***A Tale of Two Birds Summary, Moral and Objective***


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