A Tale of Two Birds Solution & Question Answer

A Tale of Two Birds Solution and Question Answers 

A tale of two birds is an interesting story about two birds. This story teaches us to maintain the company of good friends. If we keep the company of bad peoples we will also become like them. Find the answers from this chapter given below:

A tale of two birds Solution

1. How did the two baby birds get separated?

Answer: There was a big storm in the forest. The tree in which the birds were living fell to the ground. It killed the mother bird. Strong winds blew the baby birds. One bird went to a cave, and the other one arrived at an ashram.

2.  Where did each of them find a home?

Answer: When the winds blew the baby birds, one reached a cave while the other one reached an ashram. The cave was the home of the robbers. It also became the home of the first bird. While a Rishi accompanied the ashram. It became the home of the second bird too.

3. What did the first bird say to the stranger?

The first bird was a bad bird. When the bird saw the stranger, he said “Quick! Hurry up! There is someone under the tree. Come and take his jewels and the horse. Hurry, else he will slip away”.

4. What did the second bird say to the stranger?

The second bird was a good bird. When this bird saw the stranger, he spoke gently to the stranger and said ” Welcome to the ashram, Sir. Please go inside and take rest. There is a pot in the room. Take water from it and make yourself comfortable. The rishi will come soon”.

5. How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the bird behaved?

Rishi was a holy man and knew a lot of things. He explained the query of the king by telling the moral. He told that people are known by the people who accompany them. The first bird got the company of the robbers. He also started behaving like a robber. The second bird saw us welcoming and respecting peoples. So he also started doing the same.

6. Which one of the following sums up the story best?

Answer: The second option ” One is known by the company one keeps” sums up the story.

Explanation: (1) A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush means that if there is a risk of losing many things, then it is better to keep the one. It says that we should not be greedy.

This moral is a different moral and does not apply in the story.

(3) A friend in need is a friend indeed is a famous proverb. It says that those people who help their friends in need are real friends. This proverb is also a different context and does not fit here.

To understand better read the summary given below:

Hindi summary A Tale of Two Birds.

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***A Tale of Two Birds Solution and Question Answers ***

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