The Cop and the Anthem English Summary 

The Cop and the Anthem English Summary 

Soapy was a homeless boy. He lived on a bench in a park in Newyork. Winter was coming and this made Soapy worrisome as he had no homes and the bed. He decided to visit the prison of Blackwell’s Island for three months. The prison was going to give him shelter and food for free.

The irony of Soapy’s way of getting into the prison

soapy the cop and the anthemFor this, he first went to a high-class restaurant. The waiter saw his broken boot and torn pants and threw him away. He now broke a glass window of a shop, but the cop did not suspect him and ran behind another person. Soapy was now tired and going to prison seemed difficult to him. Now he went to a low-class restaurant and had dinner. But the restaurant owner instead of sending him to cop threw him on the road. Now he went to soap and stole an umbrella of a person. The person saw him and objected him. Soapy asked him to bring the cop. This put the person on backfoot and said he got this umbrella today in a restaurant. If it is yours take it.

Annoyed Soapy

Now Soapy was completely annoyed and visiting the prison looked like a distant star to him. He decided to go to the park and take a rest. While walking he saw his childhood shelter; there was music coming from the room. There he spent a big amount of time. In those days Soapy was full of spirit, clean hearted. It changed his mind and decided to find work the next day.

Sad Ending

Suddenly a cop came and asked him the purpose of staring the building. Soapy said nothing but the cop was not convinced. Vey next morning he got three-month imprisonment in the prison of Blackwell.

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