I Want Something in a Cage English Summary

I Want Something in the Cage English Summary An Alien Hand Chapter 6

Purcell and his shop

There was a person named Mr Purcell. He used to run a pet shop. In that pet shop, he used to sell cats, dogs, birds etc their food and medicines.

Strange customer

One day a person came to his shop. This guest was wearing a new but cheap coat and looked money deprived. He glanced at the shop items and chose a cage. He asked Mr Purcell “I want something in the cage”. Purcell advised the person to keep some white rats. The guest settled on a pair of the dove. The guest asked about the price. Mr Purcell quoted 50 dollars for each. The guest replied he had only 5 dollars. Purcell calculated that even after deducting 50 cents for expenses, he still can make a small profit; so accepted the offer.

Strange Question and work of the customer

Now the guest asked Mr Purcell to guess the time in which the guest had earned the money. Purcell was sceptical and did not tell anything. The guest replied 10 years and went out of the shop. Now Purcell saw that the guest is releasing the dove by his hands. Purcell felt like being cheated.


Here the story suggests that the guest was in prison for 10 years and knew the importance of freedom. This story tells us that we should not imprison a living animal or harm them in any way.


I Want Something in the Cage Solution.

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Words you should remember:

Uncanny: Strange

Musty: unpleasant wet smell.

Fussy: Giving too much attention to small things.

Genial: Pleasant and friendly (person).

I Want Something in a Cage English Summary.

Ref: An Alien Hand chapter 6.

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