The Tiny Teacher Summary in English

The Tiny Teacher Summary in English NCERT Class 7 An alien hand Chapter 1

The Tiny Teacher is an informational story about how ants live and behave.

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The Tiny Teacher Summary.

The Tiny Teacher is an informative article about ants which shows us the life and behavior of ants.

Ants are one of the smallest but very sensible creatures in our living creatures. He is so smart that some people even make him his pet.

Ants have a feeler or antenna from which ants talk and exchange information among themselves. The ants always walk in a queue and greet each other’s fillers. There are many types of ants. From them, red and black ants are prominent, which we have been seeing since childhood.

Ants house: anthill

These ants live in their nests or anthill. Each anthill has hundreds of rooms and exits. In some of these rooms, the queen ant lays eggs. Some rooms are for new ants, these are called nursery or grub. Worker ants have their own room. They spend most of their time in search of food. Some rooms are meant to store food. Soldier ants have their own barrack. No soldier ant goes in search of food. No soldier or worker ever damages the grub. In this way, ants lead a peaceful life. Each ant works its part with bravery and intelligence and never fights with each other.

The queen

The queen ant is the mother of all the ants in her colony. She has lived for about 15 years. She has two wings which she removes after her “wedding flight”. The wedding flight which takes place during summer, in which the queen ant goes out in search of male ant and then lays only eggs.

Children of ants: Eggs of an ent, grubs and cocoons

The eggs of the ants (grub) emerge. The soldiers protect him and worker ants feed him, clean and also take him outside for air, exercise, and sun. In 2 to 3 weeks, grubs become cocoon. The time of cocoon is 3 weeks. After this, the ants are released outside by cocoon. The ants now start training and after a few weeks they are ready for their work.

Other organisms: other organisms in Anthill

Some other creatures also live in the house of ants. Such as beetles, lesser breeds of ants, and greenfly. Some of these leave an attractive smell for ants and some sweet juices; Some are domesticated like our dogs and cats. Greenfly offers honeydew for ants.

Moral/teaching/learning from the story

The ants teach us to live by hard work, sense of duty, and discipline, and also how to keep the place well where they live.

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The Tiny Teacher Summary in English NCERT Class 7 An alien hand Chapter 1

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