The Friendly Mongoose Summary, Moral and Objective

The Friendly Mongoose Summary, Moral and Objective

The Friendly Mongoose is a famous folk tale from Panchatantra. This story revolves around a farmer family and a mongoose.

The Friendly Mongoose Summary Mora ObjectiveFarmer’s family and the introduction of the mongoose

The story begins with a farmer in a village who thinks that their small son needs a companion. He discusses it with his wife and brings a cute baby mongoose. Soon the baby mongoose becomes like a family member. Within a few months, the baby mongoose grows to full size while the farmer son remains still in the cradle.

The farmer’s wife goes to the market

One day the house lady decides to go to the market to buy some grocery. She asks the farmer to keep an eye on their son as she does not like his son with the mongoose alone.

The farmer replies that mongoose is a friendly animal and just sweet like our son. The wife goes away. The farmer had nothing to do, so he decides to visit his nearby friend. During his return, he meets other friends and become busy with them.

The house lady arrives home

Now the house lady finishes the shopping and arrives at home. She sees the mongoose waiting for her. Once she comes, mongoose runs toward her, as a customary.

The farmer’s wife sees that mongoose face and pawns are full of blood. She becomes angry and thinks that the mongoose has killed my son. In the rage, she throws the heavy grocery basket on the mongoose and runs towards her son.

Baby and the snake

When she enters the room, she sees that her baby is sleeping in the cradle and a black snake is lying dead on the floor with blood.

She now understands that the mongoose has not killed her baby but has saved her baby from the snake. She feels pity and runs towards the mongoose. But now mongoose is no more. The farmer’s wife cries and goes back to her crying son.

The moral/objective of the story:

Here we see that the lady became angry and with the rage killed the mongoose. She did not analyse the situation and initiated the action without the use of the mind. This story teaches us to not to be angry and take action without mind if something goes wrong. Else we will have to repent later, just like the farmer’s wife

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Ref: A Pact with the Sun, NCERT.

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