What happened to the Reptiles Summary in English

What happened to the Reptiles Summary in English Chapter 9 NCERT Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

Some people take advantage of millions of people in the name of religion and caste. This is the story of Pambupatti, a village where people started a new tradition by ending discrimination in the name of religion.

Village violence

What happened to the Reptiles

One day, several kilometres away, the news of a village temple or mosque is broken and the people of Prem’s village went mad without reason. People started setting fire to other’s homes. Prem somehow escaped the village with his Ganesha idol, some coins and some clothes. He kept on walking and walking, sometimes on the bus and sometimes on foot. There was no one to buy tickets on the bus, everyone was just like a runaway. While walking, Prem reaches Pambupatti. On reaching there, he fainted. When he regained consciousness, he saw that an elderly man with light and long-beard is feeding and serving him with his hands. Prem’s condition improved and he healed.

Prem was surprised with the kindness and cooperation among villagers. He asked the elder man whom he affectionately calls grandfather ” how the people of Pambupatti live in love, not envy each other’s religion?” At this, the old told him the story of Pambupatti.

Pambupatti animals

In ancient times, only reptiles lived in Pambupatti. Such as crocodile, lizard, snake, tortoise, all lived happily together. There used to be a meeting every month in which everyone used to come. The strongest crocodile was the Makara (name: Makara). People did not say anything because of fear of him.

One day there was a special talk a week before the meeting. Makara refused to let all the turtles come to the meeting via letter. Turtle’s head “Ahisteya” found it bad. But what could they do, the number of turtles was quite a task and the crocodiles were very powerful.

Makara told in the meeting that the turtle is not a good creature – who is a creature that moves so slowly and carries his house on his back.

Some animals raised objections but Makara stalked everyone and kept them quiet.

Some people were also happy because the going of turtles was going to increase the place and increase in food and drink.

Whatever it is to say, the turtles got 7 days and, they left.

Departure of Turtle

A few days later a strange thing happened, the rest of the people started some bad smells – this deodorant was to rot on the ground and dead bodies of animals in the water. These were the things the turtles ate.

The next month a new story took place, this time the snakes were not called to the assembly and were ordered to leave the forest in one day. Makara told that the snakes are chip-chip and no one knows when they get angry and spew their poison.

The rest of the animals did not speak again due to the fear of Makara and some animals were also happy because now they had no rate of snakes.

Mice outbreak

A strange thing happened a few weeks later, the number of mice increased significantly as there was no one after the snakes. The mice ate the eggs of lizards and maggots and young children. Even MaKara eggs.

Then Makara realized one thing. She called everyone and said that why don’t they only love the lizards, who are lingering in the forest, their habits are kind of weird and they change their colour too.

By now all the crocodiles were killed. Everyone played applause and expressed happiness.

In a few days all the lizards, including their children, left Pambupatti.

Now a series of strange things started in the forest. The number of mice had increased considerably, now they would also sit on the back of crocodiles to dance. Similarly, the number of frogs in the rivers had increased drastically, they were eating crocodile children. The number of insects had also increased considerably.

Return of animals to Pambupatti

This time was very bad for crocodiles. Nobody could understand why this was happening. Everyone looks at Makara. Capricorn rate seems more fearful. Makara saves his life from them in some way because everyone knew that Makara also likes.

All crocodiles send the remaining people to come. In a few days, Pambupatti becomes like before and there is happiness everywhere.

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What happened to the Reptiles Summary in English Chapter 9 NCERT Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

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