How the Camel got his hump Summary in English

How the Camel got his hump Summary in English; NCERT English Class 8 Chapter 1 It so happened…


The story “How the Camel got his hump” is a humorous fictional story by  Rudyard Kipling. The story began in the past when Our world had just formed. In those days, animals had just started to work for humans.

Suggestions of animals to the camel

All animals had started working for humans from Monday. But there was as an animal “Camel” who was living alone in the desert and was not doing any work. It was for three days, and the camel did not even start his work. Seeing this, the horse with a saddle on its back came to the camel and said, “O camel, O camel come out and trot like us. (The way horses walk is called trot). Camel was a lazy person, he replied “Humph”.

The annoyed horse went away. Now a dog came with a stick in his mouth. He was given the work to find sticks and carry them. The camel’s answer in response to the dog was the same “humph.”

Now. an ox came with a yoke on its neck. Ox suggested the camel go out and work on the farm like him. The answer of the camel was the same “humph.”

Discussion with men

All three: horse, dog, and ox after the end of the day went to the men and told the incidence. The men said, saying humph will not work. Since the camel had not come, you three will have to compensate for the loss of work.

Panchayat of Djinn (pronunciation: jinn)

Now all three animals were angry on the camel. They brought a panchayat under the Djinn. Djinn tried to convince the camel for work. But the camel knew no manner, the camel replied with the same word ‘humph.’ Djinn tried again and said, “you have not worked since Monday, and now it is Thursday. You will have to work for three extra days.” The camel’s answer was only Humph.

Camel was looking into his image in the river. Djinn came and made a humph on his neck. Djinn now said, “you always say humph now you will live with a humph always”. The camel came into senses and said in stress,” with this hump on my neck, how will I work.”

Djinn consoled, “the humph has a purpose. You work for three extra days, this humph will provide you with food for three days. Come out of the desert and start your work”.

Camel started working

Camel came out of the desert and started working. We now say hump instead of humph so that camel won’t feel bad. But the camel still has not learned how to behave, and his three day’s extra work is still pending.

Moral of the story

With the humorous tale, the author has tried to tell that people do not like a person who do not do any work. So, we should work hard.

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***How the Camel got his hump Summary in English; NCERT English Class 8 Chapter 1 It so happened…***

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