Activity 8.1 How do Organisms Reproduce

Activity 8.1 NCERT class 10 Science, How do Organisms Reproduce

Brief procedure: The activity 8.1 asks us to observe the slide of yeast in sugar solution.

Observation: Under the microscope, we see yeast reproducing by forming buds.

Activity 8.1 ncert class 10 science
Small buds around a big bud are newly formed yeasts.


Yeast is a simple unicellular fungus. In a favourable medium, it reproduces by budding. Here, a small outgrowth appears in the yeast. Soon the genetic material duplicates itself, and one copy goes to the newly forming bud. Now bud detaches from the mother yeast and starts a new life-cycle.

Presence of sugar in solution acts as a favourable medium to the yeast as it provides them with a  source of energy. Here Yeast utilises sugar and forms Alcohol with the release of carbon dioxide.

Application: In raising dough, we first increase the number of yeast by adding yeast to a warm sugar solution. This solution raises the dough faster.

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