Activity 8.2 NCERT class 10 Science

Activity 8.2 NCERT class 10 Science Chapter 8 

Brief procedure:

Activity 8.2 asks us to put green mould formed on a wet bread under the microscope.

Activity 8.2 How do Organisms Reproduce explanation
Bread mould with spores

Observation: Rhizopus sporulate and releases new spores from sporangium.

Explanation: Just like sugar favours yeast, carbohydrates in bread and presence of water favours rhizopus. Rhizopus is a fungus which looks green and black. We also call them bread mould.


Animated representation of bread mould fungus on bread

Rhizopus in a moist environment grows rapidly and multiplies by spore formation. The green mould which we see in a stale bread is because of the fast growth and reproduction of Rhizopus.

(Read more about bread mould reproduction at

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