Activity 8.5 Class 10 Science How do Organisms Reproduce

Activity 8.5 NCERT Class 10 Science, How do Organisms Reproduce

Procedure: Activity 8.5 asks us to cut the potato in parts and check if it grows or not.

Observation: Potato parts with at least one bud grows into a plant while potato without any bud does not survive.


Potato with buds or eyes

The tuber part of potato which we use in the kitchen is a modified stem. It reproduces by vegetative propagation. Farmers sow the potato tuber into the soil which grows into a full plant with multiple tubers.

Buds of potatoes are infact the growing stems. If it is left alone, potato sprout and develop into a full plant. So when we cut a potato into parts, Only those parts which contain at least a bud grows.

Inference/Conclusion: We call this mode of reproduction vegetative propagation. Vegetative reproduction is a common method which we use in plants like potato, rose, mango, etc.

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