Activity Solution Food: Where does it come from

NCERT class 6 Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come from Activity explanation.


Activity 1: What my friend will eat today?

Answer: The activity wants to know the name of the food items which we and our friends eat. Here below is an example of the food people eat in normally.


Activity 1 Solution Food Where does it come from

Activity 2: Food item ingredients.

Answer: The activity asks us to discuss the ingredients of the food. Below table summarises the everyday food and their ingredient.

Activity 3: Food item sources.

Explanation: The ingredient of food which we eat come from a variety of sources. The common sources are plants and animals. Below table summarises the food ingredients and their origins.

Activity 4: Parts of the plant used in an ingredient.

Answer: Activity 4 wants us to know which part of the plant we use as food. A plant consists of leaves, stem, root and fruit. Our food comes from these parts. Below table summarises the plant part which we take as food.

Activity 5: Sprouting of moong.

Activity 5 asks us to put water into moong and chana seeds and see what happens after 10 to 12 hours.

Answer: Moong and chana seeds live in a dormant state(sleeping stage). When we put water to it, they absorb water and swells in 10-12 hour, and after 2-3 days it develops into small plants. We call this process sprouting or germination. These sprouted seeds are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibres. We should eat them regularly. If we eat them often, we will remain healthy and active.

Activity 6: Food of various animals.

Answer: We see various animals and bird in our daily life or in the forest. These animals eat different types of food. Below table summarises the type of food they eat.

Activity 7: Animal Classification.

Procedure: Activity 7 asks us to look at the above table and classify the animals into a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.

Answer: Based on the type of food, we classify animals into three categories. Herbivore includes animals which eat only plant and their parts, while carnivore eats animals. Omnivores are the animals who eat both types of food.

Below table classify the various animals on this basis of classification.

Note: Do you wonder what are we! If you eat the only plant, you will become a herbivore; while if a person eats both animals and plant, then he will be an omnivore. Human eats a variety of food, in general term, we say we are an omnivore.

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  1. 1. Germination.
    process: 6-8hr soaking in water, then putting it into humid place for around 24 hrs.
    2. Sprouted moong is way more nutritious.
    More mineral contnent and vitamins.
    3. They differ in source. Oil comes from plants like sunflower, mustard, or groundnut. Ghee come from cow’s milk.
    4.[a] Milk: Cow, goat, camel.
    [b] Eggs: Hen, duck.
    [c] Meat: Goat, lamb, hen.
    5. Bees make honey from the nectar of flowers.
    6. Cows or buffalo eat foods that come from plant. So, the source of their milk is plant.

  2. D

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    NAME: _______________________ REF: 2020-21 / SCI / STD 6 / PS2
    CLASS: _______________ SUBJECT: SCIENCE
    DATE: ________________ TOPIC: Food: Where does it come from?

    1. Name the process in which seeds like moong and chana can germinate to obtain more
    nutritious food. Briefly explain how it is done.
    2. Which is more nutritious dry moong or sprouted moong? Give reasons.
    3. Oil and ghee are used for cooking. What is the difference between oil and ghee based on
    their source of origin?
    4. Name any two animals which provide us: [a] Milk [b] Eggs [c] Meat
    5. Honey is a food material. Name the insect which make honey and how do they make
    6. Explain how the milk which we get from cow or buffalo comes from plant?
    7. Do you find that all living beings need the same kind of food?
    8. What are food producers and food consumers? Give one example of each.
    9. What is meant by herbivores? Write the names of five herbivores and the food they eat.
    10. Why carnivores are called meat eaters. Explain with an example.

    11. What is meant by omnivores? Write the names of five omnivores and the food they eat.
    12. Name the most common food items provided by the following animals:
    (a) Cow/ Buffalo (b) Bees (c) Goat (d) camel (e) Hen
    13. Describe what is food chain. Draw a food chain
    14. It is said that man get energy from sun indirectly. How?

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