Activity 1.10 Science Class 9

 Activity 1.10 Science Class 9 Chapter 1 Matter In Our Surroundings

activity 1.10 class 9 scienceBrief procedure:

Activity 1.10 asks us to takes various liquids and observe their shape and volume with different containers.

  • Liquids lost their shape when spilled on the floor.
  • Transferring liquid to different vessel does not change the volume. However the shape of liquid changes as per container design.
  • Yes it flows easily while transferring to another container
  • The liquid does not have any shape, so, when spilled it flows and loses its own shape.
  • The volume of liquid does not change while transferring. So, when we transfer liquid from one container to another both the container have same volume of water.
Water molecules in a container are in continuous motion, As a result they do not have own shape and flow easily.

Molecules of a liquid are tied with each other by a weaker force of attraction. Molecules inside liquid rearrange their position, so a whole liquid does not show any fixed shape and flows easily. The walls of the container act as a barrier to the arrangement. As a result, a liquid takes the shape of the container.

The volume of a liquid depends on the total number of its constituent molecules and the distance between them. It remains the same at a fixed temperature. As a result, when we transfer a fixed volume of a liquid to a different container, the volume of the liquid remains unchanged.


This experiment demonstrates that liquids have fixed volume but does not have its own shape

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Activity 1.10 Science Class 9

Ref: Chapter 1 NCERT.

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