A Gift of Chappals Summary In English

A Gift of Chappals Summary In English

A Gift Of Chappals Hindi Story/Hindi Translation Chapter 2 Honeycomb Class 7Mridu is a yong girl who lives with her grand mother and grand father (thatha and thati in tamil) in Madras. Once her grand mother took her to her mousi Rukku Manni. There she saw her cousin Ravi and Meena playing with a kitten. A music master was teaching guitar to her cousing Lalli.

A beggar came to his door and asked for some food. Rukku manni was annoyed by the daily visit of the beggar and instructed Ravi to go away.

It was a hot summer and beggar was without chapppal. There were bliters on his feet.

Mridu, Ravi and meena saw this and decided to give him some chappals. But none of their feet matched with the size of that of the beggar’s feet.

Soon, ravi realized that there is an old chappla of the music master. All kids gave that chapppal to the beggar. The beggar went away.

Soon, the music master was searching for his chappals. Though his chapplas were too old and word out, but he mentioned it that they we very new and precious.

Rukku manni was busy in searching the chappals. Mridu tols the whole incident to Rukku Manni.

Initially Rukku Manni was angry and gave his brother’s chappal where were like never used to the master. The master readily accepted but told the kids that they are Hanuman.

Rukkmani never liked his son to be called by Hanuman. He showed the way to the master.

Once the master went away her anger was gone and brought all the kids inside.

She laughed and saidhow will your mama react when I say I gifted his chappals to the beggar!


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A Gift of Chappals Hindi Story/Hindi Translation

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