Three Questions Summary Class 7 Honeycomb Chapter 1

Three Questions Summary Class 7 Honeycomb Chapter 1

“Three questions” is an inspirational story written by great thinker Leo Tolstoy. The story asks its reader to live at the fullest by applying these simples thoughts. Read the summary below:

There was a king somewhere. He thought that he will never fail if he know these three questions:

  1. What is the best time to do begin a particular thing?
  2. Which people should he listen two? and
  3. What is the most important thing for him to do?

1st question’s reply

The king sent his messengers to all people thought the kingdom that answer giver will be given a large sum of money.

Many people came but the king was not happy with their answers. Someone told me that for question 1 the king should make a timetable and strictly follow it. Another person said that it is impossible to know the exact time to start a thing. He even advised the kind to hire a magician for this.

Some people advised the king to form a counselor who would help him act at the proper time. But the king knew some things are urgent and he can not wait for the councilor’s decision.

2nd and 3rd question’s reply

For the second questions, some people were of opine that it is the councilor which is a most important person. Some said doctors, some named priests, while some named soldiers.

For the third question, some were of opinion that the king’s most important work is to fight. Some said science while others said worshipping of God.

Kings decision to go to the wood and meet the hermit

Three Questions Hindi summaryThe kind was not satisfied and went to the jungle to meet a wise hermit. A hermit is a person who lives alone in solitude with religious discipline.

Since the hermit was a simple person, the king took off his bodyguards before the hermit and dressed like a general person. He went to the hermit. the hermit was digging the bed. The hermit greeted the king.

The king told the purpose of his visit and asked for the answers to the above three questions. The hermit did not notice it and kept on digging the ground.

The hermit was a lean and old person. The king waited for him and after some time the king offered his help. The hermit gave him the spade. The king started digging the ground. The king dug the two beds and repeated the question again.

Again the hermit did not reply and asked the king to have rest. The king did not give the spade and continued digging the ground.

One hour passed, the sun went behind the trees. The king threw the spade and uttered “wise man I have come here to know the answers to my question.”

The hermit replied here comes a person.

Wounded person

Soon the king saw a bearded person with a wound in his stomach. The person was holding a wound in the stomach with hands. The king and the hermit did the dressing of the wound and brought him inside the hut and gave him water to drink. The person felt better.

The king was tired from the all-day hard work and slept on the floor for the whole night. The next morning he woke up and saw the person asking to forgive him.

Wounded person secret

The person told the king that he know the king. “Once you put my brother to death and seized his property.” He also told that he had known the king’s program to visit the hermit and came behind him to kill him.

Since the king worked all day he did not get time to kill him. He came out for him and the bodyguards saw him and made the wound.

The person offered his and his son’s trust and life for this grace.

The king was happy as one of his enemies was converted to his helper. The king returned the person’s property.

Three questions

The king came out of the hut and thought to ask the hermit again before leaving. The hermit replied yesterday if you had not been busy all day with me you were finished. S0, the best time was the time when you were digging the ground and the most important person was to whom you were digging the ground; and best thing to do was to work for me.

When the wounded person came the most important time was the time you were helping the person. Because if you wound did so, the person would have died. That person was the most important person because if he would have died without making peace with you; and what you did was the best thing to do.

This time hermit told him that the only important time is now; the most important person is the person who is in front of you, and the best work is to do good for that person.

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