The Bear Story Summary An Alien Hand Chapter 8

The Bear Story Summary An Alien Hand Chapter 8 Class 7 English Supplementary Book

The bear story is an informative and joyful story about a bear and a lady. In this story, a lady gets a helpless bear cube in the forest and rears him. The bear has been given fruits, bread, porridge, and fruits. In the company of the lady, the bear grew and became bigger and bolder yet he was a pure vegetarian. He was very social and used to behave like an obedient dog. Childs used to play with him and sometimes even slept between his paws.  The lady hardly chained her except the night and Sundays when she went to meet her sister who lived nearby.

Lady’s visit to her sister

One day the lady was going to visit her sister. She chained the bear and promised him to give him an apple if the bear is good throughout the day. During the midway to the forest, she heard the crackling sound of the leaf branch. She looked back and saw the bear shuffling towards her. Soon the bear had come to the lady. Lady was now angry on the bear and scolded him in severest voice. The bear kept on looking at her with cunning eyes. The lady now saw that the bear was not even wearing the collar. The lady was now very angry. She beat him with the umbrella so vigorously that the umbrella broke into a two-piece. Now the bear moved in back direction and did not look towards the lady until she was completely out of sight.

The Innocent Bear

The lady now met her sister and returned back to her home (a manor house). She was still very angry with the bear. The bear was sitting in front of his kennel. The lady started scolding him again. The cook who also loved the bear as their own child became angry and said ‘The bear is good as gold. He is still and meek throughout the day’.

Moral of the story: The bear which the lady found in the forest was a wild bear. Since the lady scolded him severely. The bear got fear and returned back. From this story the author want us to know about the bear. Bear is fruit eater if they are given fruit and vegetables. They fear of loud sounds. The lady’s bold sound created fear in the wild bear. As a result, the wild bear decided to go away without harming the lady.


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The Bear Story Summary


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