A Tiger in the House Summary Class 7 English An Alien Hand

A Tiger in the House Summary Class 7 English An Alien Hand

A tiger in the house is a short story by Ruskin Bond. Ruskin Bond is a famous author whose childhood went in hilly areas od Dehradun. This story is about his grandfather and a tiger cube. Once his grandfather was walking in the forest. There he found the tiny tiger cube. He brought it to the home and put the name ‘Timothy’

Timothy the Tiger

Timothy soon mingled with the grandfather, the cook Mahmoud, and a monkey. Money played with him and also teased him. Grandfather soon brought a dog puppy in the home. Initially, the tiger was afraid of the puppy. But soon they became friends and the tiger let the dog roll over him.

Timothy in Zoo

Things change with time. At the age of 6 months, Timothy became less friendly. During the walk, he would sneak away for street dogs and cats. During the nights he would go to the poultry house. And in the morning we would see feathers of hens.

Now, timothy had also started staring Mahmoud with evil eyes. The grandfather understood that time has come to leave Timothy to a zoo in Lucknow. The grandfather put him in a zoo. The zoo was happy to have a civilized tiger.

Visit of the grandfather to the Zoo

After six months the grandfather visited relatives in Lucknow. He also went to the zoo. The grandfather cuddled the tiger.  The zookeeper was new to the zoo and was skeptical of the tiger’s changed behavior. The grandfather explained to him about Timothy. 

An old zookeeper saw the grandfather stroking and slapping Timothy. The grandfather and the zookeeper recognized each other. The grandfather had seen a leopard frightening the tiger. He requested the zookeeper to change the cage of the leopard. The surprised zookeeper replied “that old tiger died 2 months ago due to pneumonia. This tiger was trapped in hills last month. And is very dangerous.”

An Alien hand is a  collection of interesting stories meant for class 7 students. Find below the Solution and summary of various chapters here.

An Alien Hand Summary in English and Hindi, Question-answer.

1. The Tiny Teacher
2. Bringing up Kari
3. The Desert
4. The Cop and the Anthem
5. Golu Grows a Nose
6. I Want Something in a Cage
7. Chandni
8. The Bear Story
9. A Tiger in the House.
10. An Alien Hand.

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