Design an experiment to demonstrate hydrotropism

Roots of the plant grow in the presence of water. As a result, they tend to increase in the direction where water is available.

The reason for growing root towards the earth, Gravitropism is also because of water.

Design an experiment to demonstrate hydrotropism
Root grows towards water source

To demonstrate hydrotropism, we will take an example of germinating seeds as they are small and have a very high growth rate. We can take any of the grain like moong, chana, wheat etc.

We will place water-soaked seed in a plastic container filled with soil. Here we will put water in a small pit away from the seed.

After sprout formation, roots will develop in two to three days.

Here we will observe that roots of the newly germinated plants are towards the source of water.

How this happens: Roots of the plant detect the presence of water and grow in the direction of higher humidity.

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