Activity 8.7 Class 10 Science How do Organisms Reproduce

Activity 8.7 NCERT Class 10 Science, How do Organisms Reproduce

Procedure: Activity 8.7 asks us to germinate a Bengal gram and observe its new parts.

Activity 8.7 Class 10 ScienceObservation: Two cotyledons of the seed become distinguishable with the formation of radicle and plumule.

Explanation: On soaking water, a seed breaks its dormancy and start growing. A small white tip emerges out from the seed which we call Radicle. Radicle, later on, develop into the root.

After a few days of radicle formation, another white structure comes out from the joint of seed. We call this Plumule. Plumule later becomes greenish and develop into the shoot.


This experiment shows that a plant reproduces sexually to form seeds.

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