Materials fall in the category of a pure substance

7. Which of the following materials fall in the category of a “pure substance”?

(a) Ice, (b) Milk, (c) Iron, (d) Hydrochloric acid, (e) Calcium oxide, (f) Mercury, (g) Brick, (h) Wood, (i) Air.

Answer: Iron, Hydrochloric acid, calcium oxide, mercury are pure substances.


Ice: Ice made of pure water freezes to form pure ice. while if we use tap water or mineral water, ice also contains traces of minerals and salts.

Milk: Milk is a suspension of various particles in water.

Hydrochloric acid: Hydrochloric acid in its concentrated form is pure. But if the question mentions the hydrochloric acid solution or dilute HCl then it is a mixture of water and HCl.

Calcium oxide: Calcium oxide is also called quick lime. We mix it water to form slaked lime. We use Slaked lime in homes to whitewash the buildings.

Mercury: Mercury is the only liquid metal on earth. (at 25°C). We use it in pure form in a mercury thermometer.

Brick: The soil on baking changes into a brick. So it consists of various minerals, salts and other organic compounds which are present in the soil.

Wood: Wood is a plant product. It consists of various minerals, salt, and organic compounds.

Air: Air is a mixture of oxygen(21%), Nitrogen (78%), Carbon dioxide (0.003%), water vapour and other gases.

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