Identify the solutions among the following mixtures

8. Identify the solutions among the following mixtures.

(a) Soil (b) Seawater (c) Air (d) Coal (e) Soda water.

Answer: A mixture of a liquid solvent and solvent is a solution when the amount of liquid is more than the solute. Here only seawater and soda water contain a large amount of water. While other mixtures like soil, air, coal have very less amount of water in it.


Soil: Soil contains minerals, water, and various organic compounds. Here organic compounds are in the majority.

Seawater: Seawater contains water, salt and other minerals.

Air: Air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, other gases and water vapour (1%).

Coal: Coal comes in various varieties like bituminous, pitted, igneous coal. All have different percentages of carbon. Apart from carbon they also contain traces of water, sulphur, hydrogen and other organic substances.

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