Activity 3.3 NCERT Class 10 Science, Metals and Non-metals

Activity 3.3 NCERT Class 10 Science, Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals

Brief procedure:

Activity 3.3 asks us to strike a metal with a hammer and observe what happens.

activity 3.3 science class 10
A blacksmith strikes an iron piece with a hammer to get the desired shape.

Metal become thin, and it’s surface area increases.


When we hit metal with a hammer or other hard objects metal spreads into a thin sheet. We call this property of metal Malleability.

Inference/conclusion: This experiment shows that metals are malleable.


Blacksmith: A blacksmith ( Lohar) heats an iron rod in the furnace and then beats with a hammer until he gets the desired shape.

Steel sheet on the roof is also an application of this property.

Next: List of metals that we use as wire, Activity 3.4.

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