Activity 15.1 Class 10 Science Our Environment

Activity 15.1 Class 10 Science Our Environment

Activity 15.1 Class 10 Science Our EnvironmentBrief Procedure:

Activity 15.1 ask us to design an aquarium and see if we need regular cleaning.


We can make an aquarium easily with some aquatic plants, animals, an aerator, water tank etc. This ecosystem is not self-sustaining and we need regular cleaning.


Small Man-made ecosystems may not be self-sustaining, it requires regular maintenance.


Making of an aquarium

An aquarium is a manmade ecosystem. Its biotic components are aquatic plants and animals; while abiotic components are glass tank, aerator, pebble stones etc. An aquarium can be small or large. It depends on the size of the tank. A larger tank allows more space to aquatic organisms and requires lesser maintenance.

Cleaning and maintenance

Decomposition of unused food particles, dead plant parts, excretory waste of the fishes accumulates in the water. Accumulation of these particles increases the concentration of nitrogenous waste and unwanted microorganisms. So, a tank requires regular cleaning. In cleaning 20-30% of water is siphoned and replaced by freshwater at a regular interval. We should not remove all water at a time as it alters the aquatic ecosystem and removes some bacteria which are useful for fishes.

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