Activity 14.3 NCERT Class 10 Science, Sources of Energy

Activity 14.3 NCERT Class 10 Science, Sources of Energy

Brief Procedure:

The activity 14.3 asks us to make a turbine and produce electricity by connecting it with a dynamo.

Activity 14.3 NCERT Class 10 Science Sources of EnergyObservation:

The pressure of steam from a pressure cooker rotates the turbine. It rotates the dynamo, and the bulb starts glowing.


A dynamo has numerous wire coiled around a strong magnet. Movement in these wires produces electricity by electromagnetic induction. As a result, electricity is produced which glows the bulb.


A thermal power plant and a hydroelectric plant works on the same principle. In a thermal power plant, the energy of coal produces steam, and steam rotates the turbine. In a hydroelectric plant, Energy of flowing water rotates the turbine.

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