Activity 1.5 Ncert Science class 10

Activity 1.5 Ncert Science class 10

Procedure: Activity 1.5  asks us to heat ferrous sulphate crystals (aka Green vitriol) in a test tube and see what happens.

Observation: The Green colour of ferrous sulphate changes to brown and peculiar sulphur smell comes out from the test tube.

Activity 1.5 Ncert Science class 10
Ferrous sulphate decomposes into ferric oxide

Inference: Heating ferrous sulphate on test tube leads to decomposition of ferrous sulphate into a ferric oxide which is brown. It also liberates sulphur dioxide gas which has a foul smell.

2FeSO4(S) ———-> Fe2O3(s)  +  SO2(g)  +  SO3(g)


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