Synthetic Fibres and Plastics MCQ

Synthetic fibers and Plastics MCQ Chapter 3 Science

which among these is a natural fiber?

  • a. Plastic.
  • b. Nylon
  • c. Crayon
  • d. Silk
d. Silk
Silk, jute, cotton, coconut coir etc are natural fibres.

Which among these is a synthetic fibre?

    • a. Silk
    • b. Jute.
    • c. Cotton.
    • d. Plastics
d. Plastics

Cotton is a polymer of _ _ _ _

  • a. Cellulose.
  • b. Alcohol
  • c. Calciferol
  • d. Thiamine
a. Cellulose.
Fibres are made by reputation of small units, So we call them polymers. Cotton is a polymer of cellulose.

Which among these is artificial silk?

  • a. Nylon.
  • b. Crayon.
  • c. Rayon.
  • d. Cotton.
c. Rayon.
Chinese first discovered how to make silk from silkworm. But they kept this as secret to the world. Silk was very costly. Firt synthetic silk was prepared by scientist using wood pulp. This is Rayon.

Strongest fibre among these are:

  • a. Cotton
  • b. Wool
  • c. Silk
  • d.Nylon
d. Nylon.
Nylone wire is stronger than steel. So, we use them in rock climbing wire and parachutes.

Plastic bottles and jars are made up of:

  • a. Polythene
  • b. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • c. Polyester
  • d. Terylene
b. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Polyester have repeating units of:

  • a. Alcohol
  • b. Acid
  • c.Ester
  • d. Amide
c. Ester.

Polycotton is:

  • a. A polymer of cotton
  • b. Mixture of polyester and cotton
  • c. A polymer of cellulose
  • d. A polymer of ester
b. Mixture of polyester and cotton

Synthetic wool is a:

  • a.  Polyester
  • b. Polycotton
  • c. Acrylic fiber
  • d. Terylene
c. Acrylic fibre.

Which fibre catches fire and sticks to the skin

  • a. Silk
  • b. Natural wool
  • c. Polyester
  • d. Jute
c. Polyester
Polyester easily catches fire and sticks to the skin. So, we do not use them while working in kitchen.

Which fibre DONOT soak water?

  • a. Jute
  • b. Silk
  • c. Nylon
  • d. None
c. Nylon.

Which among these is a non-biodegradable

  • a. Silk
  • b. Jute
  • c. Cotton
  • d. Plastic
d. Plastic.

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Synthetic fibres and Plastics MCQ Chapter 3 Science


Ref: Ch 3.

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