Sorting Materials into Groups MCQ

Sorting Materials into Groups MCQ/Chapter 4 Class 6 Science Objective Questions

1. We see a number of things lying around us. For example. pen, paper, chair, cooking utensils, water, fruits etc. Choose the option which is not related to them.

  • a. They have varying shapes and sizes.
  • b. They are made of different substances.
  • c. Some are man-made while some are naturally formed.
  • d. All are made up of plastics.
d. All are made up of plastics
All the materials which we see around us are made from different materials for example pens, pencils, wooden chairs are made of plant parts while cooking utensils may have been made from metals. Many materials may have been made from the plastics like toys, plastic bottles, etc.

2. Choose the odd material which does not belong to the same group:

  • a. Fruits and vegetable
  • b. Paper and toys
  • c. Mustard oil
  • d. Sprout beans
b. Paper and toys
b is an odd one because a. it is not edible b. it is man-made.

3.  Which among these can be brought to the classroom?

  • a. Elephant
  • b. Tractor
  • c. Pen
  • d. Road
c. Pen
Materials have varying sizes. Smaller materials like pen pencil, bags, etc can be lifted easily and can be brought to the classroom. Some materials are too big for the room. Such materials can not be brought to the classroom

4.  Lustrous property ( shine) is a property of:

  • a. Metal
  • b. Non-metal
  • c. Wood
  • d. Plastic
a. Metal
When metals are cut they shines. This property is called lustrous.

5.  Which among these is soluble in water:

  • a. Metal
  • b. Lemon juice
  • c. Wood
  • d. Plastic
b. Lemon juice
Water plays an important role in our body because it dissolves many substances. But not all substances dissolve in water. Metals sinks at the bottom, wood, mustard oil, kerosene, and plastic floats. Lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, salt, etc are soluble in water

6.  Glass in torch and headlights of vehicles are:

Transparent glass jars at a shop so that we see what is inside.
  • a. Lustrous
  • b. Transparent
  • c. Translucent
  • d. Opaque
b. Transparent
Function of the torch and headlight glass is to pass light to the surround. This is possible when glass is transparent. So, their glasses are made of transparent glass.

7.  Which option among these can be a property of liquid material?

  • a. Hard
  • b. Lustrous
  • c. Transparent
  • d. Variable shape
d. Variable shape
Liquids are soft, non-lustrous, and variable in shape. They may be any one of these: transparent or translucent or opaque. e.g plain water is transparent, orange juice is translucent.

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