Crop Production and Management Paheli Boojho Answer

Crop Production and Management Paheli Boojho Answer

I want to know where and how we use these tools.

Khurpi is a small tool. We use it in the garden and planter. There we put khurpi in the soil to aerate soil or mix it with manure.

Sickle: It is a curved iron structure with sharp teeth. It cuts the small trees and branches. We use it in garden to remove extra branches. In fields, we use it to remove unwanted plants.

Shovel: It is a large hand tool with space for soil. We use it in fields and gardens to level the soil.

Plough: It is a large tool. We use it with tractor or cows in fields to loosen and level the soil.

Since we all need food, how can we provide food to a large number of people in our country?

We have large fertile lands. Farmers grow food there and complete the need of many people.

Why paddy can not be grown in the winter season?

Paddy crops need an ample quantity of water. Farmer plant paddy seedlings in waterlogged fields.  This is possible only in the rainy season. Hence, we do not grow paddy in winter.

One day I saw my mother put some gram seeds in a vessel and pour some water on them. After a few minutes, some seeds started to float on top. I wonder why some seeds float on water!

This is a test to judge the quality of seeds. Damaged seeds or seeds are eaten by insects that are hollow from inside. As a result, they float on the water.

There is a nursery near my school. I found that little plants were kept in small bags. Why are they kept like this?



Crop Production and Management Paheli Boojho Answer

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