Activity Solution Crop Production and Management

Activity Solution Crop Production and Management Class 8 Science Chapter 1

Activity 1.1


This Activity asks us to check if some wheat float on th ewater or not.

Observation: Some seeds may float on the surface.


Insects eat the seeds and make them hollow. As a result, thses seeds floats on the water.


We use to judge the quality of the seed. If seed is new and free from insects, it will not float.


This is common with old seeds left in open container.

Not only wheat seeds but others like rice, pulses also gets infested with the insects often.

Activity 1.2

What activity asks:

Activity 1.2 asks us to obserb the growth of a seed in three different conditions.

  • A. When soil is mixed with dung manure.
  • B. When soil is mixed with some urea
  • C. When plain soil is used


Growth of seed is maximum in case B where soil contains some urea. The least growth we see is with plain soil.

Growth pattern:

  • B>A>C
  • Urea>Dung manure>Plain soil


Urea is a fertilzer. Fertilzers are rich in nutrient needed by the plant. So, it gives the maximum growth to the plant.

Dung manure also contain the nutrient. But, this is lesser in comparison to urea. As a result we see better growth than plain soil but lesser than what we get with urea.


Farmers use fertilizers to increase the crop production.

Activity 1.3

Activity 1.3 wants us to write some food obtained from the animals.

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Activity Solution Crop Production and Management Class 8 Science Chapter 1

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