Are bases also salts? Are acids also salts?

What are the compounds and molecules?

When an element reacts with the same element, the product is a Molecule. E.g, H2 (hydrogen gas)

When two or more elements or molecules react, the product formed is called a compound. Eg. H2O (Water)

Formation of a molecule or a compound happens in two ways:

a. Covalent bonding: Here elements or molecules mutually share their electrons. e.g. 2H2+O2 -> 2H2O.

b. Ionic bonding: Here elements or molecule either donate or accept electron(s). For example, in NaCl(common salt) sodium donates an electron to chlorine to form sodium ion and chloride ion respectively.

Ionic compounds are further divided into acids, bases and salts.

Acid: Acid compounds either have H+ bonded to the compound by ionic bonds or accepts OHion.

Bases: Bases either accept H+ or loose OHin an ionic solution.

Salts: Salts nither have H+or OH. E.g. NaCl.

So, Neither Acids are salts nor Bases are salts.

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