Why are some patients of diabetes treated by giving injections of insulin

Diabetes is one of the major lifestyle diseases of the modern world. Millions of people in India suffer from diabetes. Common symptoms are lethargy, Obesity.

Diabetes is a condition when people are not able to utilise the glucose present in the body. It happens due to two reason. First is the low production of Insulin. Second is the resistance of body cells and tissues to Insulin.

Prevalence of low production of insulin is low and mainly happens due to autoimmune destruction of islets of Langerhans of Pancreas which secrete insulin.

Such patients take insulin injection subcutaneously. This releases the insulin slowly which result in stable blood glucose level.

Prevalence of diabetes due to resistance to insulin is high. In such cases, body cells show a lesser response to insulin. Such patients are advised to walk regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle with medicines.

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