Science Class 9 Write the steps you would use for making tea

Tea is a mixture of sugar, tea pigments, milk and water.

Write the steps you would use for making tea. Use the words solution, solvent, solute, dissolve, soluble, insoluble, filtrate and residue.

Tea is a homogenous mixture of water, milk, tea pigments, and sugar. There are various methods to prepare tea.

Traditional method:

To prepare the tea we first boil water in a pot. Now we add some sugar to it. Water in the pot acts as a solvent and dissolves the solute (sugar). Now we add tea leaves into the solution. Pigments of tea leaves are soluble in water but leaves are insoluble. Now we transfer the mixture to a cup using a tea strainer. A strainer separates the mixture from the tea leaves and we use the filtrate as a drink. The residue of tea leaves remains in the strainer and we discard them.

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