Paheli Boojho Chapter 8 Class 7 science

Q. I wonder why the winds shown in the figure are not in the exact north-south direction?

(Paheli looks at the globe and sees that direction of wind is not in a particular direction but irregular manner. She wonders why wind flows like this.)

Answer: The earth has different physical factors at different places. It has 75% water and only 25% island. Water in the seas evaporate and are cool in nature. As a result, wind flows from the seas to the land region. e.g. Western Ghat (Karnataka, Kerela, Mumbai)  receive heavy wind and rainfall due to wind coming from the Arabian sea.

The sun also plays an important role. Its intensity at the equator is higher than at the polar region. Hot air from the equator moves upward and flows toward the cooler region i.e. polar region. Similarly, cool air from the polar region flows towards the equator. This phenomenon is also affected by the type of region the wind is flowing e.g altitude from sea level, presence of mountains/plateau etc.

So, the wind does not flow exactly in the north to sought direction or south to north direction.

Q. I want to know what these winds do for us?

(Boojho want to know what winds do for us)

Answer: The winds carry moisture along with them. It causes rain in that area. Thus it regulates the water cycle.

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