Paheli Boojho Chapter 7 Class 7 science

Paheli Boojho Chapter 7 Class 7 science: Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate:

Q.1. Boojho wants to know who makes the weather report?

Answer: Government has established meteorological data collection centres at various places. These centres record the various physical factors of the environment like temperature, humidity, wind speed etc.

These reports help scientists to know the changes in the environment.

2. Boojho looked at the temperature chart of a place and wants to know why weather changes so frequently?

Answer: Wheather is a dynamic phenomenon. It changes frequently depending on external conditions. Rainfall decreases the temperature and increases the humidity; the revolution of the earth causes day and night and affect the temperature; Clouds in the sky may decrease the temperature in the day; any storm or cyclone may also come and change the characteristics of the weather. As a result, we see changes in the weather frequently.

3. What is the source of weather in the first place?

The sun is the source of weather in the first place as all the factors that contribute to the weather come from the activity of the sun. The sun warms the earth, it gives the air the energy to blow. It is the sun whose energy brings the storm and cyclones. So, we consider the sun in the first place.

3. Do fishes and butterflies also migrate like birds?

Bird migrate from polar region to equator in winter reversibly during summer. This is to save them from extreme winter or scorching sunlight.

Similarly, Fishes and butterflies also migrate. Fishes lay eggs in the temperate regions to avoid cold and butterflies tend to live in a warmer region than the colder one.

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