Jalebis Class 8 Summary

Jalebis Class 8 Summary in English

Jalebis is an amusing real story that happened to the writer Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi during his childhood. He was a prominent writer and poet from Pakistan. 

School fee and absence of the master

He was given 4 rupees at home to pay for his school fee. He went to the school but master Ghulam Mohamad was on leave so the fee was to be taken the next day.

After the school hour, the writer returned home with the money in his pocket. In the midway, there was a sweet maker who was making hot jalebis.  The writer was in doubt as to whether spend the money on the hot jalebis or pay the fees the next day. He had got a scholarship of four rupees which was scheduled to be given the very next day.

Fees for jalebis scholarship for fee

Anyhow he reached home, but the urge to eat jalebis became bigger. He ran toward the sweetmaker and bought jalebis worth one rupee. During those days one rupee had enough jalebis. He ate a lot of jalebis and went to his street. He called nearby friends and gave them jalebis too. Again he bought jalebis and distributed among all and repeated the same until all four rupees were spent.

Now he went home and somehow slept with a stomach full of jalebis.

The authors fear and guilt

The next morning he went to the school but unfortunately, his scholarship was postponed to next month. Now he was in big trouble as he did not have the money to pay for his master’s fee. During recess, he ran away from the school and went to the railway station. There he prayed to Allah to give him four rupees. But nothing happened.

He returned home.

The next day at school time again he went to the tree nearby railway station. Again he prayed namaaz, recited ten surats, ayat-al kursi, kalma-e-tayyab but nothing happened.

The next day he did the same. He was tired and depresses. He returned home at school closing time with a mind to do Wazu the next day.

In the home, he was caught as his absentee report had reached his home.

Next few years, the writer kept wondering that if Allah had given four rupees, nothing would happen.

Summary and moral:

This story teaches us to spend money wisely else we may run out of money.


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