Golu Grows a Nose English Summary

Golu Grows a Nose English Summary

Golu grows a nose is a humorous story by Rudyard Kipling (the same author of “The Jungle Book“). The story begins in the past; In the past Elephants, noses were not like as of now. Instead of a long trunk, they had only a bulgy nose. In the forest, there was a baby elephant named “Golu.” He was a very inquisitive elephant. He always wondered for common questions. Their neighbors had no answers for them.

what crocodiles take in dinner

Golu was in search of the answer to “what crocodiles take in dinner”. Mynah bird suggested he visit the great, grassy Limpopo river.

Golu went home, took numerous sugar canes, bananas, and melons, and started his journey to the river. In the midway, Golu asked a python about a crocodile who had no clues. Golu helped him in coiling on the tree. The next day he reached the great grassy Limpopo river. There he saw a log of wood. The wood was actually a crocodile who winked at Golu.

Golu’s fight with the crocodile

Golu asked him if he had seen a crocodile?  The Crocodile was wanting to bring Golu close to him. He said I am a crocodile. Now Golu asked his query. The crocodile in return replied, “come here I will whisper in the ear.” Golu initially refused. But on insist and “crocodile tears” Golu agreed. Once Golu came closer, The crocodile replied in his ear “a baby elephant will be my dinner today. With this, the crocodile caught Golu by the nose. Golu was hurt, he asked the crocodile to leave him.

The tussle between Golu and the crocodile

The crocodile was not going to leave Golu, kept dragging Golu to the river. Golu pushed his feet in the sand and started pulling his nose. The python was following Golu since they met. He encircled around the Stomach of Golu and kept pulling together. With each pull, Golu’s nose was becoming longer. Finally, Golu was able to escape from the grip of the crocodile, but it hurt his nose.  Golu kept his nose in water for two days in anticipation that the nose will shrink. After 2 days nose was not hurting but it did not shrink.

Golu came to know long trunk is good

Golu was sad with a long nose and wrapped it in a long banana leaf. A fly came and stung Golu. Golu hit the fly with the long trunk. Next time Golu had to dust off the plucked twigs; a long trunk helped Golu in getting rid of dust from the twig. It was hot sun there, Golu used his trunk to pick the mud and slapped it on the head.

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